Danse Macabre is a traditional event in the Old Town. It consists of the living and the dead dancing the Macabray. The mayor or the mayoress should pick flowers from the Graveyard and fill the four wicker baskets. Then she or he must pin flowers into everybody's clothes. It happens in the Town Square, a music will be played and the living will line in one straight line then the dead will arrive. The living and the dead dances together, changing partners for 3 rounds. The Lady in Grey will arrive at the end of the second round and the third round will start.Everybody will not stop dancing until the end and the Living will have no idea what happened. Those who can't dance the Macabray such as Silas won't be forced to dance but can watch. There are a lot of mini songs dedicated to the Danse Macabre such as:

Rich man, poor man, come away. Come to dance the Macabray.

Time to work and time to play. Time to dance the Macabray.

One and all will hear and stay Come and dance the Macabray

All must dance the Macabray